maandag 22 december 2008


Does anybody knows more?

zondag 21 december 2008

Louis Knie tiger and elephants

Freddy Knie tiger and horse

Louis Knie and his tigers

Clubb - Chipperfield Ltd. - Mixed act

The James Clubb Chipperfield mixed act premiered in 1987 at the Gandey circus in England presented by Jennifer Solomon and Gary Ambrose. In 1988 the act went to the Blackpool Tower circus presented by the Palacio's, later the act went to Monte Carlo, and in 1989 they did the second gold tour in Japan with Ringling bros. and Barnum and Bailey circus. From 1990 - 1991 the Palacios presented the act with Ringling 120th edition (Blue unit). Later the act went to Kinoshita circus in Japan. In 1994 David Lowrie and Tina Stiff. When the act came to Europe in 1997 Patricia White took over the act and presented it at Louis Knie show. In january Pat went with the act to the Massy Festival later they went to Monte Carlo then they went to Rene Strickler zoo where John Illig learned to work with the act. Pat presented the act at Krone in februar and then went on tour with the Great Russisian State circus from the family Smith in Netherland. Half a way in 1998 John Illig took over the act and presented it for one more year at the Russian state circus. In 2000 the act was sold to Circo Mundial were it was presented by Tina Michon and later by Marnie Dock.
Patricia White at Krone (1998)
The Palacios at Ringling (1990)
The Palacios at Ringling
The Palacios at Kinoshita (1992)

donderdag 18 december 2008

two of the best cage acts of the moment

Tommy Dieck Jr. with his 4 lions Congo, Ghana and Kassim and his lionesses Naida and Nora. He had two lions Rami and India but they died. In 2007 he bought three new cubs from the Olmense zoo in belgium. India, Diaphur and Radjah. He has a great act with beautiful animals amzing sit ups by the lions and amazing jumps by de lionesses. The new tigers are introduced in the act these winter season. They do a garden over the wall, leap frog, hind leg walk and some jumps.

Alexander Lacey and his 4 tigers (Maria, Prince, Tara and India) 3 lionesses (Gill, Kiara and Stella) and his lion Massai 

zondag 14 december 2008

Wade Burck and the Hawthorn tigers 2

Tigers at Marineland Niagara Falls
Snow sister of Isson
Bagheera and Joyce
Bagheera and Joyce
Bagheera on the mirror piramid
Ari jumps trough fire hoop
Baby, Kashmir, Rema, Bengali, Nicky, Begum, Ari, Frosty, Tony, Bagheer, Ika, Kahn,Rajah, Rahani, Tora, Sultan
Hawthorn tigers first time in their new home in Illinois.
Sultan, Ika, Ari, Tony, Bagheera,Frosty, Baby, Kashmir, Kahn, Nicky, Rema
Tora, Sultan, Ika, Ari, Tony, Bagheer, Frosty, Baby, Kashmir, Kahn, Nicky, Rewa

Wade Burck and the Hawthorn tigers.


zaterdag 13 december 2008

vrijdag 12 december 2008

dinsdag 9 december 2008

Gunther Gebel Williams for the last time!

Some great cage acts!

Dieter Farell: Knie, Krone, Sarassani, Hansa Park, Olympia (1962 - ...)
René Strickler: Knie, Roncalli, Nock, Jean Richard, Krone (1973 - ...)
Siefried Weisner: Krone, Knie, Roland

Daniel Suskow: Ringling Bros., Knie, Jean Richard, Tarzan Zerbini, Medrano, Gruss 
Dicky Chipperfield: Circus Chipperfield, Cirque Pinder
Wolfgang Holzmaier: Ringling Bros., Amar

Charly Baumann: Circus Roland, Circus Ringling Bros. 
Gunther Gebel Williams: Circus Ringling Bros., Circus Williams (1949 - 1989)
Ursula Bottcher: Circus Knie, Jean Richard, Ringling, Toni Boltini, Busch Roland, Bush (1971-1999)
Massimilliano Nones Orfei: Circo Moira Orfei (1986 - 1999) 

Casartelli Tigers

Gerd Siemoneit Barum: Circus Barum, Safari, Carla Hagebeck (1952 - 2003)
Louis Knie: Circus Knie and Althoff Elfi Jacobi (1970 - 1994)
Miss Yvonne: Circus Olympia, Blackpool, Williams, Americano Togni
Pablo Noël: Circo Americano Togni, Circus Ringling Bros., Spanisch National Circus

zaterdag 6 december 2008

Cuneo White tiger act

Presented by John Campolongo in Circus Krone Munich