maandag 7 december 2009

Marcan - Cuneo's original tiger group

Group was presented by Mr. Marcan in 1969. Taken over by Henk Luyckx in 1970. Then Bill Golden took over in 1973 and added 3 tigers to the act and 1 lion. In 1976 Wade Burck took over who insert a leap frog and a hind leg walk in the act. In 1978 the act splitted up some tigers went to the new white tiger act, some to a new act with 4 lions that was presented for 1 year by Roy Wells and some were retired.

Trudy Strong - Hawthorn gold tiger group.

This group was originally trained by John Cox. Taken over by Jacqueline Zerbini in 1985 and then Trudy took over in 1989. Some new tigers were added to the act when Trudy took over and some were taken out. Famous tigers of the act were Mr. T doing a backward hind leg walk, Mia doing a foward hind leg walk, Sush trained by Wade Burck and Trudy's contact tigers. Other tigers in the act were: Bali, Bandor, Shere Kahn, Pongi, Bombay,... There was also a lion in the act called Solomon. The act was until 1994 in the USA with Hanneford, Carden and Hamid Morton then until 1999 with Circus Krone.

Josip Marcan

Wade Burck - Ringling 1987