dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

Jurg Jenny's wild animals at American Circus Enis Togni ('88 and '89)

Alfredo Beautour his leopards at Circus Alfredo Nock 1978

Darix Togni's tigers 1989

Massimiliano Nones' tigers at Moira Orfei 1989

Böttcher's bears at Knie october 1984

Louis Knie

Louis Knie started to train tigers in 1973 at Circus Knie. He performed the first time with the tigers in 1975. Like all Knie acts the tiger act was one of the best around at that moment ! Probably the best in europe. The number was inspired on the tiger act of Gilbert Houcke who was for some years with Knie. The tigers were taken to Busch Roland in 1979 with Ruppert Bemmerl an elephant trainer and presenter of Circus Knie. He stayed at Busch Roland until 1981. The tigers also have performed at Alexis Gruss, MTS, Monte Carlo, ATA, Alexis Gruss, Elfi Althoff Jacobi, Carré,.... In 1986 and the winter before Louis presented his new tiger act with the same tigers but with different routines ! The winter of 1986 he had back his old act. In 1987 he sold his tiger to Circus Tarzan Zerbini in America were Daniel Suskow presented them in 1989.