dinsdag 20 september 2011

Marnie Dock

Her career with wild animals:

The chipperfield tigers: emerald,chrystal,ruby,sita,rani,bengal and royal (Pyramid, roll over, jumps, hang on cage, carousel, hind leg walk)
1995: Circus Atlas (7 chipperfield tigers)
1995/1996: Merano Christmas Circus
1996: Cirque Lidia Zavatta
1996/1997: Knut Dahl Circus
1997: Circus Busch Roland
1998: Festival du Cirque de Massy
1998: Circus Louis Knie
1999: Cirque A. gruss
1999/2000: Circus Krone (7 chipperfield tigers)
2000: Shrine Circus (7 hawthorn tigers later worked by Pat White)
2001 – 2003: Mundial (Clubb mixed act sold to Mundial)

Gerd Siemoneit Barum (tiger act) 1975

maandag 5 september 2011

James Clubb, bear act by Amanda Sandow.


Japan Circuses

David McMillan

Stefano Nones Orfei

Beat Decker

Trudy Strong

Rhino's and leopards.

Tyrone and the Tigers

Luis Palacio

Larry Allen Dean

Hans Suppmeier (2006)

Hans (Burle) Ludwig Suppmeier at Cirque d'hiver Bouglione, Paris, in 2006 with Flavio Togni's tigers; Tibet, Delhi, Sumina and Sheba.