maandag 31 oktober 2011

maandag 10 oktober 2011

Larry Allen Dean, Ringling Bros. barnum and bailey


Trudy Strong - Hawthorn gold tiger group.

John Illig with the club mixed act





William Voss

William Voss took this act over in Japan from John Cox. He later brought it back to the USA and did fairs and carnivals. In 1999 he brought the act to Europe worked with Mundial and at the Monte Carlo Circus festival. In 2000 he came back to the USA and worked the act for one more year.

Tigers at Cole Bros. Circus, 2003

Trudy Lijfering

Dieter Wichert with Hawthorn tigers

Dieter Wichert was with the Hawthorn tigers at Marineland Niagara Falls in '80 and '81. He also was at the American Continental Circus.
The tigers: Sheba,Nizar, Tarras, Roman, Natasha, Princess, Prince,Sasha, Rama, Ceylon, Farrah, Ural, Tanya, India
Lion: Solomon

Ron Whitfield

Wade Burk at Sports Illustrated

zondag 9 oktober 2011

Double Hind leg walks