zaterdag 5 januari 2013

Richard Chipperfield @ Birmingham Summer Circus 1979

Jennifer Solomon @ Cottle and Austen 1987, Battersea Park

act trained by James Clubb Chipperfield.

David Sherwood @ Hippodrome 1989

The black bear is Harry.

Dave Freeman 1979 @ Chipperfield

Tommy Dieck Jr.

2013 season at Arlette Gruss

Tony Hopkins @ Circus Fiesta 1987

Susan Lacey @ Gerry Cottle 1988

Tommy Chipperfield @ Chipperfield Bros. 1988

note: this ringcurb was at Sally Chipperfield circus before and now at Heytroph Zoological Gardens (Jim Clubb)

Picture in better quality

Mary Chipperfield @ Chipperfields Christmas Circus 1991

The white tiger is Simla.

vrijdag 4 januari 2013

Suzanne Chipperfield

Suzanne worked this group at Blackpool Superdome in 1994. This was two lionesses Sharon and Tracey, and two tigers, Gita and Sheena. Sheena was born in Blackpool in 1978, and was the daughter of Assam who was in Mary's tiger group at the Tower in the same year. In 1995, a male tiger Madras was added to the act and appeared in Yarmouth. After that Suzanne went to Alexis Gruss for the winter season with this group of 5.

Daniel Raffo (A. Gruss 2003)

Daniel Raffo (Knie 2004)

Circo Mundial 2003 (Marnie Dock?)

Olga Konstantinovski (Kinos 2003)

Louis Knie

Nikolai Pawlenko 1992 @ Moskauer Staatscircus

donderdag 3 januari 2013


Tommy Dieck Jr.: Cirque Arlette Gruss 2 ligers: Prince and Sahib (bred by Alexander Lacey) 2 white lions: Pascha and Uganda 5 tigers: Bombay, Sultan, Khan, Rani and Delhi Christian Walliser: Own tiger show 6 tigers: Ashanty, Neomi, Kumal, India, Radja, Jaipur (last three trained by Tommy Dieck) 3 tiger baby's: Montecore, Sangah, Aurora 2 lionesses: Zuli and Manushka Martin Lacey: Circus Krone 1 lion: Kasanga 1 white lion: King Tonga 2 castred lions: Frosty and Prince 2 white lionesses: Diamond and Princess 9 lionesses: Nambia, Kiara, Jan, Lora, Sara, Kenia, Tabora, Womba and Vivian + 11 baby lions (6 white / 5 normal) + 2 white tigers (Anara and Zhomart) + baluga (male white lion) Alexander Lacey: Circus Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Tigers: kashmere, Max, tara, india, maria (Suzy and Bella) Lionesses: Amber, princess, goldy, mali lion: Masai Jr. (leopard: Mowgli)

Hawthorn tigers @ Krone (early '90ies)

Mary Chipperfield 1993 @ Knie

White tiger: Bianca (1991, Chandi x Sona) Golden tiger: Bhutto (199, Sona x Kaddu) Standard tigers: India / Susie / Mena / Lucky / Akola / Sari all the tigers were sold in 2000 to Circus Moira Orfei. The tigers Stefano working today are from the offspring of Akola with Lucky and Bianca.